audio video communication

5517 Customer Video

Hamilton Air’s Tell-R-TV Systems turn drive-ups into full function customer service platforms.

  • Large 10” color LCD with optional "Sun Viewable" display
  • Can be included in new installations or added to existing Hamilton Air HA-1000, HA-45, HA-47 and HA-33 equipment
  • Wide dynamic color camera
  • Low maintenance stainless steel and ABS construction
5501 Series Audio

Hamilton Air’s 5501 Series Audio helps keep customer lines moving.

  • The clearest digital audio technology
  • Consoles available to serve up to 12 remote drive-up lanes
  • User selectable background "Noise Canceling" feature
  • User programmable "Auto Greeter" functionality
  • Easy change color-code system for drive-up lanes
  • Built-in wireless headset port
  • Membrane keypad rated for two million uses
  • Combines easily with Hamilton Air’s Tell-R-TV video systems
5550 Teller Video

Combined with Hamilton Air's 5501 Series Audio provides superb two-way communications.

  • Large 10" color LCD display
  • Screen height and angle are easily adjusted
  • Built in color camera with tilt feature
  • Comes with adjustable stand, but wall mounting options are available as well